Tulle on Tuesday

Tulle on Tuesday

This gem of a tulle skirt arrived on my desk on Monday and I knew exactly how I wanted to style it to wear to work the next day. Worn as a high-waisted skirt, the combination of the belt and shoes tied the outfit together despite the contrast of the tulle and plaid combo. Just be prepared to be razzed for dressing like a ‘farming ballerina’ if you wear this little number to your corporate job. ;)
Happy Wednesday Friends!! :)

Christmas Shopping Day

Christmas Shopping Day
Nugget, Dear John and I had a busy but relaxed day on Saturday getting the supplies for Nugget’s train board (which will be featured shortly) and enjoying a surprisingly drama free lunch with the little man in a restaurant. That’s right friends!!!! I faced my fears about taking Nugget into a restaurant and shockingly, it was relaxed and quite enjoyable. A Christmas miracle perhaps?!? Whatever it is, I’ll take it. This look was a quick throw together, but I liked the mixture of pattern and texture.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend friends. ;)

Snow Day

Snow Day
I took the day off work today as a “snow day”. Not in the mood to dress up like I do most weekdays, I took advantage of my kick-back day to wear this adorable new sweater I picked up on sale at Old Navy. I paired the sweater with a plaid shirt I have from Forever 21 and rolled up the sleeves of both shirts so that the pops of red plaid were showing. Fuzzy warms socks, high boots and a bit of sparkle, pulled the whole outfit together which took me from a fabulous lunch with friends to my swim practice with my amazing teammates. :)

Concert Date Night

Concert Date Night

Dear John and I had topped off our crazy (but amazing) day by going to a concert. Despite the freezing temperatures outside, we had a blast at the show, even making some rather unforgettable friends along the way. As a quick aside, what do you do when you are NOT at a U2 concert but the girl beside you keeps yelling for Bono?!? Anyways, I spent too much time deliberating about what to wear and arrived on this little ensemble. The dress I wore was a steal that I found at Club Monaco on sale (similar to the one I have posted) and has the most beautiful cut-out back detail. The boots and socks, although a must, definitely transformed the dress into a more casual look and the gold jewelry was that bit of Mr. T-chic that every girl needs when rocking out well past her bedtime. ;) And as a final shout out, to my fabulous friend who shall remain un-named, YES, I did paint my nails….finally. :) Happy rest of your weekend friends.



Tartan Tuesday

Tartan Tuesday
On Tuesday, I wore this outfit to work and more importantly, to a fabulous luncheon with my swimming ladies at the Palliser Hotel in downtown Calgary. The dress I wore was fairly similar to the one shown, however mine was significantly less expensive (see it here). Paired with a custom made blazer (purchased on a trip to Vietnam a couple of years back), my adorable new Modcloth boots and some golden accessories, I felt great all day.

Wednesday Work Wear

Wednesday Work Wear
Another Polyvore creation to showcase the look I wore to work on Wednesday. Again, not all of these pieces are identical to the ones that I wore, but again the look is virtually identical. I wore the grey long sleeve over the dress which created a punch of vibrant colour in an otherwise relatively neutral outfit. The booties are the exact ones I own. They just arrived last week and I love love love them!!! So cute and so comfortable. I will definitely be wearing these bad boys all winter. Half way to the weekend friends. xoxoxo.

Kick Start the Work Week

Kick Start the Work Week
Vintage style and/or graphic tees are not the first thing that pop into most minds when it comes to work wear but when paired with a blazer and a cute pair of heels, I would argue it’s the perfect way to bring a little fun into the work place. This is the outfit I put together to wear to work on Monday morning. I hope it makes you smile too! :)

Saturday Snowy Kick Back Look

Saturday Snowy Kick Back Look
I was a little slow this morning after Friday night’s festivities, but despite feeling less than fresh, I figured why not put together something comfy and cute to take on the rest of the day. Here’s the look I came up with. I wore the leopard belt high over top of my cardigan. Nothing like adding a little sunshine to a snowy day with a splash of color. :) Stay warm friends.