Tulle on Tuesday

Tulle on Tuesday

This gem of a tulle skirt arrived on my desk on Monday and I knew exactly how I wanted to style it to wear to work the next day. Worn as a high-waisted skirt, the combination of the belt and shoes tied the outfit together despite the contrast of the tulle and plaid combo. Just be prepared to be razzed for dressing like a ‘farming ballerina’ if you wear this little number to your corporate job. ;)
Happy Wednesday Friends!! :)

T-Shirts and Blazers

T-Shirts and Blazers
Whenever I am in a rush to get out the door in the morning, my go-to outfit is a t-shirt and blazer paired with skinny pants and cute heels. Not only are there about a dozen combinations in my closet at any given moment, but I can simply throw off the blazer when I get home from work and have a fairly comfy, Nugget-friendly outfit. Here are four examples of what I have worn in the past month or so. I normally spruce these up with either a cute, chunky necklace or a scarf. What are your go-to outfits for work?
Happy Friday friends. :)

Leopard Love

Leopard Love
This outfit was a bit of a panicked put-together, but turned out quite well. My beautiful Stella & Dot jewelery arrived yesterday so that was an obvious choice to wear. :) I have to confess though, despite having grand ambitions to paint my nails with Essie’s Chinchilly, I ran out of time before bed last night, so I’m still sporting my horribly chipped red polish from earlier in the week. ;)

Kick Start the Work Week

Kick Start the Work Week
Vintage style and/or graphic tees are not the first thing that pop into most minds when it comes to work wear but when paired with a blazer and a cute pair of heels, I would argue it’s the perfect way to bring a little fun into the work place. This is the outfit I put together to wear to work on Monday morning. I hope it makes you smile too! :)