Pugs and Sequins

Pugs and Sequins
To finish of the work week, I decided to put together a fun little ensemble that combined two of my favourite wardrobe items: sequins & pugs. The red sequins on their own can be a bit showgirl, but I felt the balance of my fun, pug muscle-tee and my ‘all business’ blazer created the perfect mix that wasn’t too over the top to rock at work. The Donald did have some delightful commentary on this outfit, but given that it was less-than-blog-friendly, I’ll have to e-mail it to you separately if you are interested in knowing.  :)
Have a safe and fabulous weekend Friends!!!

Fun with Fun Fur

Fun with Fun Fur
They say that you can categorize the way women dress in two ways: women who dress for men and women who dress for women. Last week, I wore this outfit to work and it was immediately apparent which category I fall into. Within the span of a half hour, the men in my office had dished out about a dozen quick witted comments regarding the ‘road kill’ on my back or the ‘official Game of Thrones’ merchandise I was wearing. Despite their jeering, I will stand by the fact that this outfit was nothing short of fabulous. And the ladies in my office will stand behind me on this one!!! haha.
A few differences between this posting and the reality: my vest was from Modcloth, but alas it is sold out, and my dress was picked up from Club Monaco a couple of months back on super sale.
The entire look was pulled together with a high bun and a lot of sass. Oh yeah…I said sass…..now you’re mocking me aren’t you?!?! ;)
Happy Tuesday.