Natural Beauty: Neutral Must-Haves for Spring

Natural Beauty

There is something about neutral tones that when paired together they look so classy and fresh. By no means though do you have to limit yourself to white t-shirts and khaki pants to stay ‘neutral’. Here’s a collection of some of my favorite pieces for the spring. ;) 

Clockwise from top left:

Have a safe and fabulous weekend Friends!!!



West Coast Prawn Salad

West Coast Prawn Salad

Two food postings in one week?!?! You’ll see why I couldn’t resist this one in about two-and-a-half paragraphs. :)

Despite the fact that our current weather is giving me false hope for an early spring, I have lived in Calgary long enough to know to keep my shovel handy until mid-May. That being said, I am starting to crave anything that reminds me of the freshness of spring and this salad is absolutely a direct, express ticket to ‘Spring-ville’.

This salad is a combination of fresh, butter lettuce and spinach leaves, toasted pecans, strawberries, grilled prawns, quinoa, avocado, cilantro, feta & shaved carrots topped with a simple honey, lemon vinaigrette. So so so so so good!!!!!!

Here’s a link to the West Coast Prawn salad recipe which was inspired by the seasonal menu item of the same name at Earl’s. I was intimidated by the idea of grilling shrimp, but it was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. :) For those of you who puked a little in their mouths at the mere mention of cilantro, I forgot to add it to my salad (in error, because I absolutely LOVE the stuff) and it was still amazeballs!

So who needs a groundhog, above-zero temperatures or blooming flowers to bring on spring when you have this sunshine on a plate!

Happy Thursday Friends!!!