My blog…..going forward……

I’m back. :) I took last week off of blogging to give myself a bit of a break. Ever the type-A, only child, I took on this blog with my usual over-the-top commitment, and realized quickly how much work a blog is. Last week’s ‘time out’ was perfect because it made me realize how much I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with my friends, however I also don’t need to turn blogging into a full-time profession. As such, my posts going forward may not be on as a regular a basis as before, but I promise to keep sharing the cool things I find, and the fun ideas I come across.



Snow Day

Since starting this blog I have tried to post something every weekday. This weekend I was in Lethbridge (southern Alberta) for a swim meet when we were hit with a major snow storm. Unfortunately, the storm hit right when we were ready to leave so we ended up spending an extra night before attempting the drive for a second time in the morning. Despite the stress of the storm and our attempt to get home, my co-coaches and I decided to make lemonade out of the proverbial lemons we were given by mother nature. So here are our collective tips for braving out the snow when stuck in a hotel in small town Alberta.

  • Go for a jog in the hotel gym
  • Brave the snow on foot to go pick up healthy/not-so-healthy snacks & ‘spa’ supplies
  • Do hair & face masks in your hotel room
  • Pick-up supper from the across the street and enjoy it while sitting on the floor of your hotel room
  • Laugh until you cry
  • Try to watch TV but fall asleep early


So despite the craziness of the weather, we ended up having a pretty fun night together!! :) Thanks girls!!!



An Unplanned Amazing Weekend

Isn’t it so true that sometimes the best things in life are the most unexpected. This weekend was kind of like that. I had some plans, but overall it was a bit of a free-for-all for Nugget and I. Friday was a bit rough as I felt like I was coming down with yet another bug….BUT, a pretty relaxed day resulted in the amount of rest I needed to enjoy the rest of my time off with my boys. Here are some of the highlights.


Assorted tulips that I picked up on Saturday to bring even more spring to my house.

Salted Caramel

Despite an atrocious attempt at making brownies, I managed to salvage the homemade caramel to serve over ice cream. Topped with fleur de sel and it was a surprisingly delicious treat. Phewwww!!!! ;)


Dear John and I took our boys (and girl) to the dog park this weekend. While enjoying our walk, he pulled this out of his pocket. Said he saw it on “one of his favourite blogs” and decided he would pick it up for me. :)

Nugg Love

Loads of quality time with my Nugget. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you are all geared up to take on this week!!



Happy Valentine’s Day to ME!


Valentine's Day

Image c/o

I know I am probably about to unleash a fury of ‘only-child-syndrome’ comments by suggesting what it is that I am going to suggest, but I am going to suggest-away regardless. :)

Now before I get pegged in the head with long-stemmed roses and boxes of chocolate , I will state this clearly: I am not against people celebrating their love for eachother on February 14th. As mentioned before, I am doing my own celebration this upcoming weekend, so I’d be a hypocrite if I poo-pooed all over Valentine’s Day.  I am, however,  kind of thinking of turning today into an ‘all about Kim day’ in an effort to say I Love You to me.  

As a single-momma, I spend a great number of my days focusing on ‘not me’ so is it brutally selfish to take the day to do one or two things to spoil myself?!? I think not. :)

Here’s a few suggestions:

1) The obvious choice of zipping out at lunch and getting a pedicure from your local nail salon.

2) Pick up a bouquet of fresh spring flowers for your house on the way home from work. I’d avoid red roses unless you have a propensity for paying grossly inflated prices. ;)

3) Stop at Starbucks on the way to work and get something that is not ‘skinny’. ;)

4) Have lunch with your fave co-workers.

5) Stop at your local book store and pick up a fun new read.

6) Pick up real bubble bath (like the kind you used as a kid) and have a nice relaxing soak.

7) Order a pay-per-view movie that involves some kind of teen-drama that you are too embarassed to watch with anyone else…..cough cough….New Moon…..cough cough……

8) Eat an entire box of Kraft Dinner straight out of the pot whilst watching your film selection from point #7.

9) Go to bed RIDICULOUSLY early because you have chosen to not run 100 errands after work.

Could I be right Friends???? Is this the new V-day trend???? Either way…..I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, celebrating it however you want to!!! :)



Valentine’s Day Mix Tape

I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year on the 16th. I have a really fun little plan for my sweetie, however I sadly can’t share it with you until Sunday because he is one of the most devoted readers of this little blog of mine and the surprise would be ruined. :)

That being said, I figured I would share my back-up plan. If you are a child of the 80s than you will likely agree that nothing says ‘I Love You’ quite like a mix-tape. Here are the two mixes I made: Dear Nugget and Dear John.

If you haven’t already discovered Grooveshark, you can re-create my playlist and listen to all of these songs there for FREE!!! :)


“Dear Nugget” Valentine’s Day Mix


1) Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel): Billy Joel

2) Lullaby: Dixie Chicks

3) The Dance: Garth Brooks – This is my way of saying to Nugget that I wouldn’t change a single choice I ever made because it ultimately led me to being his momma. :)

4) My Wish: Rascal Flatts

5) You’ll Always Be My Baby: Sarah Evans

6) Capri: Colbi Caillet

7) In My Arms: Plumb

8) The Luckiest: Ben Folds

9) Return to Pooh Corner: Kenny Loggins

10) Have I Told You Lately: Van Morrison

“Dear John” Valentine’s Day Mix

Dear John

1) To Make You Feel My Love: Kris Allen

2) A Sunday Kind of Love: Etta James

3) Twilight: David Gray

4) A Thousand Years: Christina Perri

5) Your Body is a Wonderland: John Mayer

6) Crazy Love: Van Morrison & Ray Charles

7) Easy Silence: Dixie Chicks

8) A Night Like This: Tomi Swick

9) All I Want Is You: U2

10) Nothing to Lose: Mat Kearney

11) Ho Hey: The Lumineers

12) Moon River: Andy Williams

Happy Tuesday Friends!



Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Not to harp on about 2012 and the chaos in early February….so…….I won’t!  That being said, I vowed to not have repeat episodes like last year and as such, I’m embracing this year’s V-day with incredible gusto. ;)

Historically Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love between you and your romantic partner, but heck….why are we stopping there? Here are a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day-esque items that can be extended to all of your loved ones.




Valentines day decorations

Adorable Paper Lanterns (perfect for a V Day party!)

Valentines Day gummie bear eraser

Gummy Bear Eraser - I LOVE YOU!!!

Valentines day iphone cases

BFF iPhone Cases (Don’t worry Friend – I won’t insist on this just yet)

Valentines day key chain

Super Sweet Key Chains

valentines day lobster print

Heartfelt Art

Valentines Day lush massage bar

Massage Bar ;)

Valentines day onesie

For My Little Heartbreaker

Valentines day RG journal

Ryan Gosling JournalIs it weird if I get this for myself?!?

One Year Later

January 31, 2012 was, to date, the worst day of my life. In one conversation, the world I knew and the life I had created and loved was transformed into doubt, disbelief and despair. So now, exactly one-year later, I have the ability to reflect on where I am today as compared to where I was then. What has struck me most, I have captured below:

  • Despite the fact that you never enter them with the intent to fail, marriages can and often do fail. When they do, you will realize that it is your friends and family that will carry you through the worst days. These are the people who, in many cases, knew you before you were ‘a wife’ and these are the people who will be with you going forward.
  • The definition of family is not defined by anyone other than yourself. True family is not always related.
  • Time truly does heal all wounds. My dad, who has been my rock this year, would often tell me on the ‘bad days’ to remember that the hard times will still happen, but they will get fewer and further between. Don’t pressure yourself to feel instantly better today but remember it is a process.
  • Nothing is as scary as you make it out to be. When I first moved back home with Nugget on my own, I remember being so afraid of Sunday nights. To me, Sunday nights meant being with your spouse and having that guaranteed companionship. I was petrified of feeling alone on Sunday nights.  Turns out that it never happened. Yes, some Sunday nights I am alone BUT it’s actually kind of nice. ;)
  • Spoil yourself.
  • Focus on the positives. For me, at the beginning, they were the tiniest things, but they made a huge difference. Things like having the closet entirely for myself or being able to make unilateral decisions about home decor or not having to share the TV were definitely the silver linings in my life at that time.
  • Create a new soundtrack for your life. I did this immediately via iTunes using a joint account which, unfortunately sent the playlist to my ex. Ooopie. ;)  That being said, that little cd became my anthem and was the therapy I needed to remind me to not wallow in self pity, but to instead move forward like a champ. On a related note, I recently passed that same cd on to a friend as I have plenty of other mixes that fill my playlist these days. :)

As for today? One year later there are still remnants of January 31, 2012 but they are such tiny fragments that I can only best compare it to the tiniest sprinkling of dust on my fabulous new life. I am closer to my friends and family then I have ever been. I have created a safe, comfortable home for my boys, and I feel finally at peace with the idea of not always knowing where life will take me but knowing that I have a choice as to how positive it will be.

I hope you all are having an amazing day. Happy January 31st Friends!!!!



Windermere Winter Wonderland

Last week was not my best week. Between fighting a flu while simultaneously taking care of a sick Nugget, I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come. Dear John and I contemplated staying home and just chilling on the couch this weekend, but in the end we opted to head out to beautiful BC (thanks Michelle & Dano). Hey, if you are going to to have a weekend of R&R, you might as well do it with a mountain backdrop. :)

Here are some of the highlights of our weekend. Also, here’s the link to my winter jacket. It is honestly the warmest, ‘best-est’ coat I’ve ever owned.


Isn’t it amazing how two days out of town can feel like a week. I feel completely rested and ready to take on this week. :)

Happy Monday.



Two Pugs and a Nugget Relax and Unwind

January is traditionally a month of resolutions. For many people that means a time where we don’t eat the ‘good stuff’, cut back on our spending, exhaust ourselves with exercise, etc. etc. I am all for bettering my life through these tough-love resolutions, but there is also a real need during these dark winter days to simply cozy up and find joy in the act of simply decompressing. Here’s a few items that just might help you do the trick.


1) Faux Fur Throw Blanket

2) Deliciously Scented Three-Wick Candle

3) Herbal Tea

4) Happy Tea Cup

5) Relaxing Aromatherapy Spray

6) A Classic Read

7) BodyLotion

8) Cashmere Wrap

9) Cashmere Socks

10) Softest Pajamas

Happy Wednesday friends!



Dear Nugget….Notes To My Baby Boy

Dear Nugget

I love wandering through the bookstore in my spare time. There is something about the piles upon piles upon shelves of books that just inspires me, even if I don’t buy anything. One of my favourite sections is the journal and stationery section because each of those little books feels like it is full of promise, be it organization, goal setting, plans or chronicling memories to reflect on in future times.

I spotted a beautiful journal while visiting my local bookstore this weekend and as soon as I saw it, I knew what I wanted it to become: a series of reflections on life with my beautiful boy.


This week, Nugget has been teething. What this means for his mom is that in an instant I can go from having a delightful, angelic kid to a gremlin. The other evening, after a particularly trying episode, the little monkey fell asleep in my arms in his rocking chair. As I was holding him, I realized that the power of these little peaceful moments are all the strength I need to get me through the times when Nugget does his best impression of ‘Rosemary’s baby’. And with that, I decided I wanted to chronicle these little moments that make me smile.

The journal is not a chore. It’s stored in my desk so that I have easy access to jot down anything funny, sweet or amazing that I get to witness as the little man’s mom. My hope is that Nugget will end up with a collection of journal entries that he can one day look back on and with that, realize how lucky his mom thought she was to be able to raise him.

Do you have ideas for capturing these fleeting moments? If so, please share!