Time For Chores


Clockwise (pardon the pun :) from top: Vintage timer, Chicken timer, Wood Apple timer, Slice of Pie timer

Ever the type-A personality, I wouldn’t doubt that I am the only person in the world who would turn housework into a competitive sport. ;)

All seriousness kidding aside, I have realized that my procrastination and lack of motivation towards certain chores around my house are often put-off because I think that they will simply take too long and I don’t have the time to do it. I decided to put my theory to the test by timing some of the ‘daily chores’ around my house. In doing so, I surprised myself with how quickly they can get done, which then led to my next thought: if I set a timer for 5 minutes how much could I tackle?

Here’s what I accomplished after Nugget went to bed last night with my 5 minute intervals:

Interval 1) Took out garbage, replaced the garbage bag with a new one and watered all of my house plants.

Interval 2) Made my bed, put away Nugget’s pack-and-go crib, put away clothes that were lying around my room.

Interval 3) Gathered all laundry, sorted it and ran a load of darks, set-up coffee maker for the morning.

Interval 4) Gathered dishes around the house, ran dishwasher, made tea, put away Nugget’s toys.

Interval 5) Put away shoes and jackets in the closets, cut up strawberries for a snack, put away magazines into magazine rack.

All in, I spent 25 minutes doing chores around my house, but the 5 minute intervals kept it less daunting and quite honestly, it became a bit of a game to figure out how much I could do in the 5 minutes.

If you are like me and are incredibly distracted by your phone, might I suggest using a timer that isn’t on your cell phone. The pics above are a few cute finds that might help add a little fabulous to your timed chores. Heck….anything to make housework a little easier right?!?

How do you tackle your housework??? Please share your amazing ideas!

Happy Tuesday!



Closet Organization

Color Coded Closet

I had mentioned in a previous post how one of my favourite things about living as a single (independent) woman is the fact that I get the entire master closet to myself. The first time When I purchased this house, I didn’t realize how terribly tiny the master closet was. I know I have a bit of a hoarding problem when it comes to clothes, but truly, I was dealing with a closet that looked like it belonged in a hobbit hole. For the past year I have procrastinated cleaning and organizing my closet and two weeks ago I finally ran out of excuses.

Here are a couple of the learnings from my marathon organization session, the result of which is a happy, happy, happy girl who now can quite easily plan outfits and see what she actually owns. :)


Tip 1: Sort your items by type and then colour. I have segregated my clothes by categorizing them as shirt, dresses, pants & jackets. From there, I sorted each of the categories by colour, starting with lighter items on the left and moving to darker items on the right.

 Vintage Hook

Tip 2: Keep items on display. My necklaces are sorted and hanging on a vintage hook on a side wall of the closet where I can easily see them when planning outfits.

Tie Rack

Tip 3: Re-purpose items to fit your organization needs. I’ve used an old tie-rack to organize my belts.

Donation Box

Tip 4: Make it easy to declutter. On the top shelf of my closet, I have two, pretty boxes for putting donation clothing. Periodically, I will toss pieces that I am no longer wearing into the boxes so that I can take them to a charity once I have collected enough pieces.

What kinds of organizing tips do you have for your closet???

Happy Thursday Friends!



Nugget’s Closet Organization

Closet 1

Have you ever had the pleasure of waking up late for work and then, while rushing to get out the door, you realize you can’t find clean clothes for your incredibly cranky Nugget? This was starting to become my all-too-familiar routine when I stumbled across these little gems when I was out shopping last weekend.

Closet 3

I had seen this great post about DIY organizers for kids closets at iheartorganizing.com, however the fact that the instructions contained a reference that these dividers were far from easy to do, I jumped at the idea that I could pick up the same concept for Nugget’s closet for under $20 with no swearing and crying. ;)

Once a week, I spend less than 5 minutes putting his clothes for the work-week on hangers which are adorned with the labeled divider. That way, when I have hit the snooze button one-too-many-times, I know exactly what the little dude is going to wear to get him out the door and to daycare right on time.

Closet 2

Do you have any ideas for keeping your kid’s clothes (or your clothes for that matter) organized to ensure a quick exit out the door in the morning? If so, please share!!

Happy Monday Friends!!



Home Organization Binder Part 3: Freezer Inventory

Freezer inventory


Let’s add some more amazing stuff to our Home Organization binders!!

Even though it’s just Nugget and I, both of my freezers (the fridge-freezer and stand alone deep freezer) are stuffed and filled with ‘who-knows-what’ at any given time. I have gone on binges where I go to Costco, stock up on their amazing meat or frozen veggies and then throw them in one of the freezers to never be seen or heard from again.

I came across this idea whilst perusing home organization blogs and thought this was brilliant.


Here’s the general concept.

First off, take an inventory of your freezer contents. For me, this will also mean doing a major purge as I know some of the stuff in my freezer was probably put there before Obama took office…..the first time.

Once you know what’s in your freezer (and it is clearly labelled), use your inventory list when you are planning your weekly meal plan. Not only will it save you $$$ because you won’t be buying redundant items, but it also will keep the bulk down in your freezer.

Just like everything else in my Home Organization Binder, I have about a dozen copies of this inventory sheet on hand so that I am never out of stock.

Happy Freezer Organizing!


Home Organization Binder Part 2: Packing List


Photo Source: www.carriecanblog.com

I can not tell you how many times I have gone away for the weekend and realized that I forgot my toothbrush, my pajamas or (my personal favorite) underwear. It seems these days I am constantly living out of a suitcase so I devised a fail proof checklist to help me quickly pack for a weekend away. This way I avoid the unnecessary stress that comes with trying to remember everything, and then realizing upon arrival at my weekend destination that I will be going commando for the balance of the trip. ;)


I have printed a dozen of these little gems out and put them in my home organization binder which you previously saw here.

Happy Packing Friends!



Home Organization Binder Part 1: Weekly Menu Planner

I promised that I would start doing some organization stuff in light of the fact that it is my one, and only New Year’s Resolution. I have a lot of great ideas, but I am going to start with a Home Organization Binder. Your new little bestie will be the home for a number of awesome things like weekly menu plans, budgets, emergency contacts, and so much more.

1) Start by picking a fun binder that makes you smile. Because I am female and have a pulse, Tiffany-blue makes me smile. :) This binder is from Staples and is from the Martha Stewart collection. Check out the link here. See Jane Work also has some great choices.

binderBinder 2

2) Find some cute way to divide your binder. You can use standard dividers, but I found these great sticky dividers at Staples that I thought would be useful for my growing binder contents.

Dividing Tabs

3) This week we are going to start with a Weekly Menu Plan. I had previously posted the See Jane Work link, but realized that I needed a little more ‘creative freedom’ when it comes to my grocery list. You know what they say: If you want something done right……so……I’ve created the ‘Two Pugs and a Nugget Weekly Menu Planner’!! The link to the pdf is below. Print a whack load of these guys and throw them in your binder under the divider heading ‘Weekly Menu Plan’.


Binder with Menu Plan

Now, get planning friends!! :)




DIY Desktop Framed Whiteboard

DIY Whiteboard

I love making to-do lists. It maybe nerdy but it keeps me sane. As part of my New Year’s Resolution to get even more organized I needed to first start with a to-do list. I created this fun little desktop ‘whiteboard’ out of an Ikea frame.

ikea frame

I first stopped at my local Ikea and picked up this gorgeous little frame for $6.99!!!

whiteboard pen

I then stopped at my local Staples and picked up a white board pen. I opted for purple because it was easy to read, but wasn’t boring ol’ black ink.

Finally, I inserted a plane piece of paper in the frame to create a simple, clean background…and voila…..a fashionable desktop whiteboard.

Now you can add this whiteboard to your to-do list. :)


Keep Cool: Homemade Curling Iron Cozy

Not surprisingly, I am almost always in a rush when I leave the house in the morning. What that means is that I normally come home to whatever mess I made when getting ready for work. I recently re-vamped by bathroom organization which has definitely helped A LOT, but the one thing that I struggle to even be able to put away before I leave is my straightener and/or curling iron. That was….until NOW! :)

My mom has been using a pot handle cover for years to cover her curling iron or straightener when it is still warm. This way she can toss it back under the sink or in to a bag without worrying about it burning anything in close proximity.

In the spirit of cheapness, I found these pot holders at the dollar store for $1.00 (surprise!!!).


I then recruited my lovely friend Anne, who sub-contracted her mom to fold the pot holder in half, sew along the top and edge, leaving the bottom open.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s done…..

finished cozy

And here’s what it looks like in use…..




Happy Thursday friends.



Set It Up Sunday

Two Pugs

I often get asked “how do you get it all done?” To be totally honest, I often don’t know how I do….and being even more honest, I sometimes just don’t get it all done. In the words of my frighteningly insightful father, “Its not like you’re running an ambulance service.” Basically, as a single working mom, I’ve had to make peace with the fact that sometimes stuff just simply has to wait. All that said, I have come up with a few little tricks that help set me up for the work week, which is when Nugget, the pugs and I hit full speed crazy-times. I  like to think of my Sundays as my time to get everything set for the week to minimize the amount of work that needs doing at night when I get home from work. Here are a few of the things I like to do each Sunday which sets the stage for smooth sailing into the work week.

Sunday Set It Up Guide

  1. Wash bedding (Nugget’s and mine).
  2. Run the balance of the laundry that wasn’t done during the week.
  3. Based on the number of meals (lunches and dinners) that I need for the week, come up with a meal plan. (Here’s a great little link for jotting down your meal plan)
  4. Using the meal plan from step #3, generate a grocery list for the week.
  5. Review fridge contents and toss anything that can be classified as ‘nasty’ or ‘down right disgusting’. Then give your fridge shelves a quick wipe down.
  6. Water my plants.
  7. Tidy the clutter spots in the house.
  8. Take out the garbages and recycling.
  9. Make lunch (if needed) for Monday.
  10. Get coffee and cereal set out for the morning. This may seem silly, but when I am inevitably running late in the morning, this is a critical time saver. :)
  11. Pack Nugget’s daycare bag and organize outfits for the week.
  12. Before bed, do a face masque and re-paint my nails.
  13. While my nails are drying, start picking out outfits based on the weather forecast for the work week.
  14. Crawl into bed with a hot cup of tea and a good book. I am currently loving Celestial Seasoning’s Country Peach Passion. mmmmm. :)

This list does seem a bit expansive, but it really doesn’t take that much time if you buckle down and get to it. The reward is settling into a clean bed on Sunday night knowing that you are prepped for the week – whoop whoop!! :)

Any other ideas to help set up the work week? Let me know!



PS. I didn’t have a pic to share with you of me doing my Sunday rituals, but I figured why not share a pic of the pugs. ;)