DIY Desktop Framed Whiteboard

DIY Whiteboard

I love making to-do lists. It maybe nerdy but it keeps me sane. As part of my New Year’s Resolution to get even more organized I needed to first start with a to-do list. I created this fun little desktop ‘whiteboard’ out of an Ikea frame.

ikea frame

I first stopped at my local Ikea and picked up this gorgeous little frame for $6.99!!!

whiteboard pen

I then stopped at my local Staples and picked up a white board pen. I opted for purple because it was easy to read, but wasn’t boring ol’ black ink.

Finally, I inserted a plane piece of paper in the frame to create a simple, clean background…and voila…..a fashionable desktop whiteboard.

Now you can add this whiteboard to your to-do list. :)


Nugget’s DIY Train Board

Nugget's Train Board

Although I was your typical ‘girl’ growing up, I always had a thing for wooden train sets. I remember as a kid going over to my neighbour’s house and spending hours playing with his train set. We would set up all kinds of track configurations and come up with stories for what our trains were picking up and dropping off. It was a blast!!! This Christmas, hoping that Nugget shared his mother’s love for trains, I made him a train board for all of the trains and tracks that I knew Santa would be bringing. ;)

The idea came from Lindsay’s blog, and I have noticed that even more recently she has added some very cute mini trees and snow covering .

Here’s the link to Lindsay’s instructions on how to put together your own train board.

You will note that Lindsay did attach some of her little guy’s tracks to the board, but I chose to leave Nugget’s tracks unattached so that he could arrange them however he pleases. As it turned out, ‘how he pleases’ was reminiscent of a Godzilla movie with the tracks being tossed every which way, but the overall reaction was pretty positive. Looks like Nugget is a bit of a chip off the ol’ block. :)

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