These Are a Few of My Favorite (Spring) Things……

No shock. I’m pushing for spring. This week has been all about seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel to help get through the rest of this drab winter weather. I have been getting a head start on my spring cleaning (which I will chat about in the coming weeks), but in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite recent finds that would definitely add some spring to your home.

Spring Things

1. Beehive Vase

2. A Classic Twist on a Doormat

3. Fresh and Frilly Linens

4. Even MORE Fresh and Frilly Linens

5. Fun New Tea Cups (thanks to Cindy @ Ravenstyle for this inspiration)

6. Simple Candle Pillar

7. A Fun Twist on a Birdhouse

Have a safe and fabulous weekend Friends!!



Last Minute Christmas Decor Idea: Christmas Ornament Vase

I have some truly wonderful co-workers (friends) who have been so wonderfully supportive of my blog. One of these fabulous ladies recently brought me a newspaper clipping that reminded her of something that I would do. The clipping showcased a Christmas tabletop floral display where the florist had assembled a grouping of various sized ornaments and filled them with winter flowers.

Here’s my version of this idea:

Christmas Ornament Vase

I used glue to adhere the ornaments to eachother. Then I popped off the tops of the ornaments and filled them with sprigs of ‘winter vase filler’ from my local florist, faux cranberries and spruce & cedar branches.

This little gem is currently displayed on my fireplace mantle.

Merry Christmas friends. :)



DIY Series Artwork

Last year I was putting the finishing touches on my dining room when I came across a great little idea to create series art by using calendars. I was tasked with filling a rather large and empty wall which is visible as soon as you walk in the front door of my house. Rather than finding a single large piece of art to fill the space, I used six frames with similar images to do the job.

No surprise, I used a calendar from Anthropologie showcasing my fine feathered friends, but I was just looking at Anthro’s 2013 calendars and stumbled across these great city ‘maps’ which would look fantastic if framed together as a series.

Here’s how I created my series.

Step 1: Find a calendar which features a series of images that you love.

Calendar Monthcalendar pages

Step 2: Pick up some cheap frames. I used identical Ikea frames, but you could also use different shaped and textured frames (so long as they can showcase the images).

Calendar Frame

Step 3: Spray your frames a complimentary color to the art. Tip: I took the glass right out of the frame and sprayed the frames on their own to avoid the annoying task of taping to paint.

calendar paint

Step 4: Crop the artwork to fit the frames and display to your heart’s content.

DIY Series Art

A Home for the Holidays

I have spent a great deal of time either away from home lately, or barely having time to hold it together when I am at home. As such, putting up a Christmas display outside, a la Clark Griswold, was just not high on my priority list this year. That being said, this past weekend I did put up a few items that definitely spruced things up and brought a festive feel to my home. And the best part…. they were cheap and easy.

A festive ribbon adds some Christmas flare to my favorite snow clearing friend. :)

A festive ribbon adds some Christmas flare to my favorite snow clearing friend. :)

A festive planter inspired by Cindy @ Raven Style. And big THANKS to my sis Dana for freezing it out with me while we put this together.

A festive planter inspired by Cindy @ Raven Style. And big THANKS to my sis Dana for freezing it out with me while we put this together.

A simple wreath on my vibrant front door.

A simple wreath on my vibrant front door.

Holiday Have-to-Haves

With Christmas seemingly right around the corner, it feels appropriate to start decorating the house for the upcoming festivities. Nugget and I celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah, so here are a few items that I think will help to add to the ‘merry and brightness’ of our holiday season. I also want to pay special tribute to my beautiful friend Cindy at Raven Style, who put together the most gorgeous Holiday centerpiece. She has also recently posted a ‘how to create a festive potted urn’ which is nothing short of stunning as well. Enjoy friends! xoxoxo

1. Glass Ornaments (West Elm)

2. Chevron Table Runner (Etsy)

3. Snowball Wreath (Anthropologie)

4. Holiday Centerpiece (Raven Style)

5. Mercury Menorah (Pottery Barn)

6. Balsam Candle (Bath & Body Works)

7. Holiday Dishes (Pottery Barn)

8. Star Christmas Tree Cookie Cutters (Williams-Sonoma)

Laundry Room Makeover: The Concept

My laundry room is a hot mess these days. I do tend to use the floor and laundry bins as a make-shift closet but the main culprit for its current state is that the room is so uninspiring that I never feel like being in there. As such, I’ve decided to do a (hopefully) quick and budget-friendly facelift on my laundry room. Here’s the idea board as of right now. Stay tuned for the end results. :)

1. Gray-wash wicker baskets (Ikea)

2. Vintage-inspired laundry room art (Etsy)

3. Glass Dispensers (Pottery Barn)

4. Fold out wall-mounted drying rack (concept only)

5. French-style laundry basket (Pottery Barn)

6. Trellis-print wallpaper (Amazon)

7. Vintage shelf brackets (Etsy)

Tea for Two: Creating Teacup Candles

My sister-in-law recently got engaged, and in thinking about what to get her for her engagement, I stumbled across an adorable how-to for making candles out of teacups on one of my favorite blogs Some time ago, my sister-in-law’s grandmother gave me two sets of tea cups that she had received as gifts when she got engaged. Despite my best intentions to start classing it up by drinking tea more regularly out of proper tea cups, I haven’t been using them as frequently as I had hoped. As such, I planned to convert the cups to candles and gift them to my sister-in-law as an engagement present, which was perfect as they were originally gifted to her grandmother for her own engagement.

To start, I picked up a starters kit for candle making at my local Michael’s craft store. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere mentioned that she picked up a comparable kit for $16USD on, however I did apply Michael’s weekly 40% coupon to my purchase which brought the price down substantially. Yeah for deals!!!

MAKE SURE YOU READ THE CANDLE MAKING KIT DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. Ever the ‘instruction skimmer’, I luckily broke from my usual habits and read the candle making kit’s directions carefully which prevented me from putting the pouring container directly on my element to melt the wax instead of using a double-boiler as suggested. For those of you who are as amateur as me, double-boiling in this case meant simply putting the cut up wax pieces in the pouring container and then heating the wax by placing the pouring container over a pot of boiling water.

Once the candle wax has melted, you can then add your choice of essential oil to create a scented candle, if so desired. I used a light, woodsy scent from Saje Health and Wellness. The next step was to simply pour the wax to the top of the teacup, and after waiting five minutes to allow the wax to set slightly, place the wick (or wicks) and allow the wax to harden overnight. Once the wax has set, simply trim the wick down to a 1/4 inch in length and enjoy. :)

Below is a photo of the finished product. If you look closely enough, you will notice that it is sitting on a copy of Emily’s Cupcakes and Cashmere book. Coincidence or conspiracy??? ;)

Hoo wants a new towel hook???????

If you ever have the chance to tour my house, you will notice the recurring theme of birds. It’s the oddest thing….in nature they completely freak me out but for whatever reason I am drawn towards them when it comes to decorating. So when I decided it was time to retire the horribly dinged up, builder’s standard towel bar in my ensuite bath, I naturally picked something which once again showcased my fine feathered friends.

And if there was a bird that was particularly on trend these days, I would have to say it’s the owl. I have really been noticing this owl theme pop up everywhere, from children’s decor, to sweaters, to kitchen accessories, and of course, now in my bathroom hanging behind my door.

Here’s the before shot…..yawn…………

I removed the old bar and then filled in the holes with an interior grade spackling. I used DryDex which goes on pink and dries white making it full proof for a novice like me.  Once the holes were filled in, I smoothed out the spackling using a trowel (as best as I could). Once that sucker turned white, I sanded down the fill spots and touched up with the left over paint from my house construction. Installing the new hooks was the easy part…..especially once I realized I had hit a stud. And within two-shakes-of-a-lamb’s-tail……I had the most adorable towel hooks which was a vast improvement from what had been there for the past four years. :)

My hooks are from Anthropologie.